Often times we want to return more than one value from a method. Until know there wasn't an ideal way to do this so we had to resort to using Out parameters, custom class for holding the values or something else.

Now C# 7.0 provides us with tuple types and tuple literals:

(int, int) SumSubtract(int a, int b) // tuple return type
    int sum = a + b;
int subtr = a - b; return (sum, subtr); // tuple literal }

This method will return two integers which will hold the values for the sum and subtraction of both input integers.

var results = SumSubtract(56,23);
WriteLine($"Sum is {results.sum} {results.subtr}.");

Tuples are value types which means that you can compare them to each other and find out if they are equal, that is they contain the exact same elements.

Written by: Mite Tashev